The training manual, How to Be a Successful Tutor contains sample tutoring flyers, contracts for tutors, monthly progress reports, statements and more.  Step by step information to successfully guide you to become a tutor, and avoid problems most tutors face, is included in this book on how to tutor.

Checklist to Get Started as a Private Tutor

 This site is dedicated to tutor training in two ways.

1.  For those training to be a tutor, the book How to Be a Successful Tutor is available.  Contained in the pages, and used by professional tutors, is a proven, time-tested and easy to use system for becoming a tutor.  The information will save you hours of time and help you get started right away.

2. Free tutor training is available in a Successsful Tutor Newsletter.  Here, you’ll get examples of how to be a tutor and start your business.  You’ll receive one e-mail daily for three days… and I promise they will be so full of value and vital information that you will anxiously await the next one to arrive.  You may sign up for this on the right side of the screen.

Hi, I’m Melanie Vaughan and I have been a tutor for over twelve years.  During this time, students have come to my home before school, after school, and during the summer.  Being a tutor allows me the flexible schedule I desire, plus is very rewarding.  Along with helping students succeed and gain confidence, lifelong friendships have been developed.

I also enjoy training tutors, which I have been involved in for five years. Wanting to help others enjoy a tutoring business, I wrote the training manuals, How to be a Successful Tutor, and How to Be a Successful Reading Tutor.  Compiled in these tutoring manuals are over a decade worth of what works and what doesn’t work in a tutoring business.   

Benefits of Becoming a Tutor

For those with a desire to share their academic expertise, and make great money, tutoring is a perfect fit.

However… once you have your students, tutoring can still involve problems.  Typically these are no-show or late students and getting paid in full and on-time.

How do you avoid these problems?

The answers are contained in the comprehensive training manual for tutors “How to Be a Successful Tutor”.  There are multiple examples of what actual tutors use and have success with.  

The book How to Be a Successful Tutor contains eleven sections.

• Section 1.    Tutoring at a glance  An overview of everything necessary to succeed.
• Section 2.    Types and Levels of Tutoring  A series of questions to pinpoint exactly

                      who you want to market your skills to. 
• Section 3.    Marketing Strategies  Simple yet professional marketing techniques and
                      examples of tutoring ads and flyers that really work.

• Section 4.    Price Setting and Billing  Information to make sure you get paid what your
                      services are worth in full and on time.

• Section 5.    Handling Inquiries and Business Forms  What to do when you receive an
                      inquiry as well as examples of statements, contracts, student information
                      sheets, letters of introduction, and more.

• Section 6.    Materials and Resources  Places to find all you need for great tutoring

• Section 7.    Your First Lesson  How to plan your first lesson.
• Section 8.    Organized Lesson Plans and Student Files  An easy system to keep your
                      business running smoothly and efficiently.

• Section 9.    Student Incentives  How to deal with an unmotivated student.
• Section 10.  Progress Reports  How to easily keep parents informed.
• Section 11.  Miscellaneous  Suggestions to benefit and protect your business.

Why would you invest in a book on how to tutor?  

1. You’ll make more money than you could without these time-proven strategies.
2. You’ll save hours of time getting started.  You’ll avoid the ‘trial’ years and make more money by doing things right the first time!
3. You don’t need a large amount of money to get started in a tutoring business.  This manual will pay for itself in your first one or two hours of tutoring.  Plus, you will have your book in minutes.  As soon as your payment is accepted, you will be directed to download the manual.

Order Your Training Manual NowThere are three versions of the training manual How to be a Successful Tutor:

 (Click here for more information on the book How to Be a Successful Reading Tutor.)

1) Digital Basic – The e-book manual in Adobe Acrobat, PDF, with everything you need to succeed as a tutor. This truly is How to Be a Successful Tutor.  $19.99
2) Digital Plus Hard Copy – The e-book manual in Adobe Acrobat, PDF along with a hard copy that will be mailed to you. $34.99
3) Digital Plus Hard Copy With Coaching – Everything I just told you about above. Plus, you get to participate in three half hour private coaching calls in which you will be able to discuss your questions and challenges in detail. $200.00


I back my course with a 100% money back guarantee. You can’t lose.

My Simple, No-Hassle, 2-Part Money-Back Guarantee:

1. If you’re unhappy with this training manual for any reason, tell me within 30 days for a full and courteous refund.
2. If you implement my strategies and you don’t feel like they helped you succeed, tell me within 60 days for a full, no-hassle refund.


Very few business opportunities can pay off as quickly as tutoring. Starting your tutoring business the wrong way will cost you more time and money, and fail to bring you the type of students that are easy to have a business relationship with. On the other hand, following the training manual, which will have you start your business the right way, actually costs you less and brings you MORE profitable clients.

Don’t work harder – Work Smarter.

Order Your Training Manual NowGet your copy of the training manual: How to Be a Successful Tutor via 100% secure online ordering.

I can assure you this will be the best investment to get your tutoring business off to a great start.

You can’t lose with our 100% money back guarantee.


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